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1. Overview

  • There will be verbal presentations for the posters.
  • All posters will stay and be displayed all days long during the congress.
  • Posters left behind the demounting time will be discarded without notice.

2. Duration of Presentation

Category Presentation Q&A
Poster Session 3 min. 2 min.

* Please make sure to check the “Daily Program” on the website for your allocated presentation time

3. Exhibit, Mounting and Demounting Schedule

  • Location: Room 118 (1F), Songdo ConvensiA
  • Schedule
Mounting Exhibit Demounting
May 9 (Thu), 15:00-19:00
& May 10 (Fri), 07:30-10:30
May 9 (Thu) ~ May 12 (Sun) May 12 (Sun), 11:00-12:00

4. Poster Preparation

  • Recommended poster size is 900 mm (w) x 1,200 mm (h).
  • The board number will be posted in the upper left along with the abstract no on the upper right on the board.
  • Please check the assigned board number with your abstract number before mounting and ensure to mount at the right board.
  • Poster should be prepared in English.
  • There is no place to print out your poster at the venue, please print it yourself. It is recommended that poster to be prepared on one sheet.
  • The text, illustrations, etc. should be bold enough to be read from a distance of two meters.
  • Please be sure to include the below information in large letters centered at the top of your poster.
    • Title
    • Authors’ Names
    • Affiliation and Country
  • DO NOT write or paint on the poster board. Do NOT use nails, push pins, screws or any tools that will puncture the board.

5. Help Desk

  • During the mounting hours, a “Poster Help Desk” will be operated near the poster exhibit area.
  • Materials for mounting will be prepared at the “Poster Help Desk”. However, it is encouraged to bring your own suppliers in case the provisions are not sufficiently available for all of presenters.

6. Poster Board Layout

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